Increase your sales with value content


Content marketing is a must for professional service providers

How to detect, reach and engage with more prospects?  By integrating accessible, interesting and updated content with inbound marketing.


With its personalized and non-intrusive approach, content marketing allows you to build a real relationship with your prospects and gradually establish a perception of legitimacy, trust and commitment while demonstrating your knowledge and expertise.


A few years ago, content marketing was little used as an inbound marketing strategy. For most professional services firms, personal relations and referrals remained the preferred tools for business development, sales and identification of potential partners. Today’s technology makes us more confident in conducting business remotely and an increasing share of your prospects find their suppliers via LinkedIn and social networks. This is why 23% of service companies in Canada invested in content marketing in 2013 (an increase of 9% since 2012).


Such a relationship relies on sharing value-added content that is truly useful for your target audience of potential buyers and people who influence the buying process. Whether informative or entertaining, this content must be a resource they deem interesting, unique and relevant. If you bring solutions to your prospects’ problems and answers to their questions, you will weave with them a lasting relationship that will influence their decision when choosing a supplier.


The benefits of content marketing
It is less expensive. The acquisition cost of a lead generated by content marketing is 60% less than those generated from more traditional, outbound marketing tactics. It enhances the search indexing potential of your website. Each item of content added to your site is another chance to be indexed by search engines. It allows you to nurture your prospects by offering truly useful content that will guide them through the buying process. It encourages content adaptation to various media formats to increase your exposure and optimize your audience acquisition efficiency.


Essential steps and actions of a content marketing strategy
Establish a schedule for the production and delivery of content, define the editorial topics and assign a person responsible for implementation. Start the production of blogs, articles, webinars, news, press releases, videos, whitepapers, ebooks, graphics, case studies, guides, Q&As, photos, forums, etc. Promote your content through relevant social media channels regularly and systematically. Capture and engage your target audience by allowing free access to your information or, in the case of high-value content, in exchange for at least an email address.


Offer a variety of communication tools. People consume information differently through different mediums such as video, text and graphics. Display your firm’s culture by informing your audience about the people they will work with. Finally, entice your audience to contribute to the production of content, whether in writing an article, contributing their knowledge of the industry or sharing discussion ideas.


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