A responsive website is a must


Why it is essential to provide a website adapted to all devices used by consumers

A responsive website allows visitor access using any device, simplifies the process and encourages them to navigate more often and longer on your site.


Imagine a site that allows you to view only a portion of its content because you use a tablet, or that navigation is impossible with a smart phone. How would you react?


In addition to finding it inconvenient, you might get the impression that this company thinks you’re not important enough just because you have chosen to use a smart phone or a tablet instead of a traditional platform to access the site.
For your brand to be accessible at all points of contact with the consumer and deliver an optimal brand experience that integrates visual standards in a flexible and adaptive concept, it is essential to provide one responsive site for all device types and treat various media platforms – computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, monitors, etc.. – as facets of a single entity.


Visiting a site that does not use a responsive design may result in frustration for your customers and prospects. You will quickly recognize sites not suitable on a smart phone. The pages will seem poorly designed, there will be pages and sections that you can’t use, or worse you won’t be able to access the site itself.


You probably have a website because you want people to hear what you have to say, see what you want to show them or buy what you have to sell. Your concern is to attract people and people are looking for simplicity and functionality. In a highly competitive market, you can’t afford to have an under-performing website.


A responsive website offers an optimal experience to visitors, making it easier to read and navigate, simplifying the process and encouraging them to navigate more often and longer on your site. Users can view the same site with any device without degrading user experience and be able to use all features regardless of the platform used.


The implementation of an adaptive web site is an investment that will allow you to provide optimal brand experience and is a crucial task for the future of your online presence.


Visionnaires can help you provide a great brand experience with a fully responsive website.
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