How to plan your company website


Here are some helpful suggestions for planning your website

Before starting to develop a website for your business, it is important to know your goals and objectives in order to make a detailed analysis of your needs and answer all your specific requirements.


Why do you want a website?
  • To sell your products and services and share information about your company?
  • To have a virtual showcase to display your products and services to prospects?
  • To provide a way to contact you or send you information?
  • To test the market and get feedback from prospects before launching a product or service?


Who is your target audience?
Who will visit your site? Who will buy your products and services?


Who are your competitors?
This information allows us to find the internet strategies your competitors are using to make them stand out.
Do you have content to provide?
This can be pictures of your products, your logo, text of a promotional brochure, etc. Ready content can reduce the overall cost of your website design and implementation. We can also help prepare content for your website if you don’t have any.


Have you thought about updates?
Once your website is uploaded on the web, you will have to make constant updates so that your customers will be tempted to return. A site that is not updated regularly will slowly loose its appeal. We can help you update your website on a retainer basis if you need help.


Where will your website be hosted?
It is very important to choose a website host that provides enough bandwidth to avoid server congestion as well as enough disk space for your site. What’s more frustrating than realizing that there is not enough space to publish all your relevant information. Here again, we can help you choose a hosting company and take care of the procedures for you.


Who will perform SEO – Search Engine Optimization?
It is important to index your new site to multiple search engines to be easily found on the web. We work with SEO specialists that can take care of this task if needed.


What are some sites you like?
Indicating the strengths you perceive in them will serve as a guide for us to understand what look and feel you want.
Visionnaires can help you improve your brand’s perception on the web.
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