Baby-boomers are online !


Boomers are spending more time online than viewing television

Here are the main findings based on an online survey of 6,100 boomers and senior respondents


A report by Ipsos and Google finds that, on average, seniors and baby boomers spend 19 hours per week on the Web, compared with 16 hours spent watching television. Their use of online media by far exceeds the time spent listening to radio and reading newspapers and magazines.


Information gathering
Internet is the main source of information for baby boomers and seniors, exceeding television and print media by a substantial margin. News and weather are the most popular types of information searches (66%), followed by shopping online (57%), collection of coupons, discounts or deals (45%), food information (44 %) and games (43%).


Social Networks
Activities in which seniors and baby boomers engage on social networks include following groups and organizations (55%), watching videos (40%), supporting causes (26%) and group memberships (23%). Social networking sites are used daily by the majority of boomers (71%) and seniors (59%), and Facebook is the most used social network.


Mobile Devices
The use of mobile devices is still in development among baby boomers and seniors: 29% regularly use a smartphone (compared to 48% of the general population ), and 19% regularly use a tablet (compared 25% of the general population). Those who use mobile devices engage in a variety of activities, including information research, online shopping and visiting places of interest.


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